The Filtration Research Engineering Demonstration (FRED) unit is an integrated bench-scale, pilot-scale crossflow filtration facility built using funds provided by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). It is dedicated to providing ISO-9000 quality data to evaluate crossflow filter performance. This performance evaluation will be used to validate scale up methodology and assist in determining full scale operational procedures.

While specifically designed to mimic operations at the Savannah River Site (SRS) In-Tank Precipitation (ITP) and Late Wash (LW) facilities, its design and construction provide the capability to emulate a wide range of applications. In emulating these applications, FRED will become a center for crossflow filtration knowledge as it applies to the food industry, the pulp and paper industry, environmental protection/remediation, and wastewater treatment. It is expected that in the future local, state, and federal agencies will utilize its facilities.

FRED components:

  1. A versatile bench scale unit with multiple filter elements; one rated at .2 microns and three others rated at .5 microns. The motive force for the filtration is provided by two low shear pumps; one is a Viscous drag model, the other is a Double diaphragm type. Alternate filters and staging arrangements can be explored to determine optimal filter performance with the bench scale unit.
  2. A pilot scale unit with two available filter elements. One is a sintered metal, seven-tube, .5 micron rating filter element 10 feet long. This filter was manufactured by Mott Metallurgical Corporation. The other is an etched disk filter with a 3.7 micron rating. This filter was manufactured by Vacco Industries (PTI Technologies Inc.). The filters can be operated either horizontally or vertically. The filter feed pump is a low shear variable speed helix pump capable of handling slurries loaded up to 80% solids. The 550 gallon slurry tank can operate with as little as 150 gallons and can be maintained at temperatures from 30 to 55 degrees C.
  3. An analytical chemical laboratory capable of evaluating liquid-solid systems. The laboratory presently has:
    1. A gas chromatograph with a TCD, FID, purge & trap PID
    2. An ion chromatograph with both a refractive index and electrical conductivity detectors
    3. A CEM % solid oven
    4. A turbidimeter
    5. A PSS Accusizer capable of determining Particle size distributions from .005 to 400 microns
    6. An automatic titrator with Karl Fisher capability

FRED is located at the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of South Carolina. In addition to meeting direct and specific DOE filtration needs its overall mission includes use as a twenty-first century educational tool to provide engineering students with a practical experience needed but almost universally lacking in higher education. At FRED, the students are exposed to operation in accordance with ISO-9000 and the OSHA chemical process safety regulation 29 CFR 1910.119. FRED provides its trained student operators with a first-hand educational experience previously available only at industrial and government sites.

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