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Professor James O. Blanchette

James O. Blanchette

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301 Main Street
2C14 Swearingen
Chemical Engineering
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

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Jay Blanchette

Assistant Professor

The Blanchette Lab’s research efforts are focused on developing novel systems for drug delivery and tissue engineering through rational design of biomaterials, genetic engineering and analysis of cell signaling pathways. One area of particular focus is the study of cell encapsulation. By entrapping living tissue within a synthetic matrix, bio-synthetic hybrid systems can be created for use in a variety of medical applications. An application of interest related to this research area is treatment of diabetes by encapsulation of Islets of Langerhans isolated from the pancreas. On a broader scale, bio-synthetic systems can be used as living drug delivery systems and the choice of encapsulated tissue will determine the application ( ex. Islets of Langerhans chosen for glucose-responsive delivery of insulin ). Because the microenvironment of a synthetic capsule is different from what tissue normally interacts with, the related stress and effect on behavior is studied in association with strategies to alleviate these stresses and control behavior of encapsulated tissue. Discoveries made in this field can also be applied in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


  • Ph. D., University of Texas, Austin ( 2004 )
  • B. S. E., Duke University ( 1998 )

Selected Publications

  • Blanchette J and Peppas N A., "Cellular Evaluation of Oral Chemotherapy Carriers," J Biomed Mat Res, 72A, 381 - 388,
    ( 2005 )
  • Brannon-Peppas L and Blanchette J O., "Nanoparticles and Targeted Systems for Cancer Therapy", Adv Drug Del Rev, 56, 1649 - 1659, ( 2004 )
  • Blanchette J and Peppas N A., "Oral Chemotherapeutic Delivery: Design and Cellular Response", Ann Biomed Eng, 33, 142 - 149, ( 2005 )
  • Blanchette J, Kavimandan N and Peppas N A., "Principles of Transmucosal Delivery of Therapeutic Agents", Biomed Pharmacother, 58, 142 - 151, ( 2004 )
  • Blanchette J O and Peppas N A., "Nanotechnology and Cancer Therapy", in N.A. Peppas, J.Z. Hilt and J.B. Thomas, eds, Nanotechnology in Therapeutics: Current Technologies and Applications, 287 - 313, Horizon Press, London, ( 2007 )

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The University of South Carolina Department of Chemical Engineering
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