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Harry Ploehn

Harry Ploehn

Phone 803.777.7307
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239 Horizon
Chemical Engineering
University of South Carolina
541 Main St.
Columbia, SC 29208

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Harry J. Ploehn


Research in the Ploehn group explores the relationships among structure, properties, processing, and performance of materials and processes dominated by phase interfaces, especially in nanoscopic and colloidal materials. The group specializes in the use of light scattering techniques and atomic force microscopy for nanoparticle characterization. Current research projects include (1) dendrimer-mediated synthesis and characterization of bimetallic nanoparticles for use in heterogeneous catalysis; (2) characterization of clays and other platelet materials, as well as platelet exfoliation in polymer matrix nanocomposites, by dynamic light scattering, AFM, and electron microscopy; and (3) mathematical modeling of transport phenomena in electrochemical systems, including batteries, polymer electrolytes, and supercapacitors. These projects are continually moving forward toward the goal of developing new chemical and biomedical applications of nanostructured materials.

  • Ph.D., Princeton University ( 1988 )
  • M. A., Princeton University ( 1984 )
  • B. S. ChE., Rice University ( 1983 )
Selected Publications
  • "Sustainable Thermoplastic Elastomers Derived from Renewable Cellulose, Rosin and Fatty Acids", Yupeng Liu, Kejian Yao,* Xiaoming Chen, Jifu Wang, Zhongkai Wang, Harry J. Ploehn, Chunpeng Wang, Fuxiang Chu,* and Chuanbing Tang*, Polymer Chemistry accepted ( 2014 ).
  • "High Polymer Content 3,5-Pyridine-Polybenzimidazole Copolymer Membranes with Improved Compressive Properties", Max Molleo, Xiaoming Chen, Harry Ploehn, Brian Benicewicz*, Fuel Cells accepted ( 2014 ).
  • "Montmorillonite-Levan Nanocomposites with Improved Thermal and Mechanical Properties", Xiaoming Chen, Hongsheng Gao, and Harry J. Ploehn*, Carbohydrate Polymers 101, 565 - 573 ( 2014 ). DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2013.09.073
  • "Ultrathin, Molecular-Sieving Graphene Oxide Membranes for Highly Selective Hydrogen Separation"", H. Li, Z. Song, X. Zhang, S. Li, Y. Mao, H. J. Ploehn, Y. Bao, and M. Yu*, Science 342( 6154 ), 95 - 98 ( 2013 ). DOI: 10.1126/science.1236686
  • "Polymers Containing Highly Polarizable Conjugated Side Chains as High-Performance All-Organic Nanodielectric Materials", Y. Qiao, Md. S. Islam, K. Han, E. Leonhardt, J. Zhang, Q. Wang, H. J. Ploehn, and C. Tang*, Advanced Functional Materials 23( 45 ) 5638 - 5646 ( 2013 ). DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201300736

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