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Tom Stanford

Thomas G. Stanford

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2C05 Swearingen
Chemical Engineering
University of South Carolina
301 Main St.
Columbia, SC 29208

Thomas G. Stanford

Assistant Professor Emeritus

Dr. Stanford's research interests are in the fields of Chemical Process Systems and Advanced Professional Engineering Education. Chemical Process Systems is the mathematical modeling of chemical process systems, chemical process control, conceptual design of chemical processes, chemical process systems simulation, chemical reactor engineering. Advanced Professional Engineering Education involves conceptual models for graduate professional engineering education, advanced education for practicing professional engineers.

  • Ph. D., University Of Michigan (1977)
  • M. S. (Math), University of Michigan (1969)
  • M. S. (ChE), University of Michigan (1969)
  • B. S. Ch. E., Wayne State University (1966)
Selected Publications
  • Srikumar, A., T. G. Stanford, and J. W. Weidner, “Linear Sweep Voltammetry in Flooded Porous Electrodes at Low Sweep Rates,” J. Electroanalytical Chem., 458, 161(1998).
  • Nikravesh, M., A. E. Farell, and T. G. Stanford, “Dynamic Neural Network Control for Nonlinear Systems: Optimal Neural Network Structure and Stability Analysis,” Chem. Engg, J., 68(1), 41(1997).
  • Nikravesh, M., A. E. Farell, and T. G. Stanford, "Model Identification of Nonlinear Time Variant Processes Via Artificial Neural Network," Computers Chem. Engg. 20(11), 1277(1996).
  • D. A. Keating, T. G. Stanford, J. M. Snellenberger, D. H. Quick, I. T. Davis, J. P. Tidwell, D. R. Depew, A. L. McHenry, S. J. Tricamo, and D. D. Dunlap, “Enabling the U.S. Engineering Workforce to Perform: Building a Culture for Technological Innovation and Leadership in Professional Graduate Engineering Education,” Proceedings of the 2004 National Meeting of ASEE, Salt Lake City, UT, June, 2004.
  • Keating, D. A., T. G. Stanford, D. D. Dunlap, D. R. Depew, S. J. Tricamo, D. H. Sebastian, R. J. Bennett, G. S. Jakubowski, and M. I. Mendelson, “Growing the National Innovation System: The Strategic Role of Professionally Oriented Graduate Education to Enhance U. S. Competitiveness,” Proceedings of the 2003 National Meeting of ASEE, Nashville, TN, June, 2003.

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