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Koichi Segawa

1C35 Swearingen Engineering Center
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of South Carolina, Columbia 29208
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Koichi Segawa

Research Professor
Strategies for the production of sulfur free fuels

One of the driving forces behind the increasing interest in hydrodesulfurization is the more and more stringent environmental regulations that will decrease the allowed maximum sulfur content of gas oil to lower and lower levels. By the end of the current decade, the production of what is called nowadays "sulfur-free" gas oil (sulfur content less than 10 ppm) will be required in most industrialized countries, and therefore the so-called "ultra-deep HDS" of gas oil would be essential. The challenges in producing ultra-low sulfur fuel at economically affordable costs are among the main reasons for refineries to upgrade existing technologies and to develop new refinement processes and more active HDS catalysts. We have studied the development and application of more active and stable catalysts, able to desulfurize refractory sulfur-containing substrates, could enhance the productivity and improve the product quality without negative impacts on capital investment.

  • Ph. D., Sophia University, Department of Chemistry
  • M. Sc., Sophia University, Department of Chemistry
  • B. Sc., Sophia University, Department of Chemistry
Selected Publications
  • Saih, Y., Nagata, M., Funamoto, T., Masuyama, Y., Segawa, K., "Ultra deep hydrodesulfrization of dibenzothiophene derivatives over NiMo/TiO2-Al2 O3 catalysts", Applied Catalysis A: General, 295, 11-22 (2005).
  • Funamoto, T., Nakagawa, T., Segawa, K., "Isomerization of n-butane over sulfated zirconia under supercritical conditions", Applied Catalysis A: General, 286 79-84 (2005).
  • Saih, Y., Segawa, K., "Tailoring of alumina surfaces as supports for NiMo sulfide catalysts in the ultra deep hydrodesulfurization of gas oil: Case study of Ti02 -coated alumina prepared by chemical vapor depositin technique", Catalysis Today, 86, 61-72 (2003).
  • Yamada, K., Kondo, S., Segawa, K., "Selective catalytic reduction of nitrous oxide over Fe-ZSM-5: The effect of ion-exchange level", Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 35-36, 227-234 (2000).
  • Segawa, K., Shimura, T., "Effect of dealumination of mordenite by acid leaching for selective synthesis of ethylenediamine from ethonolamine", Applied Catalysis A: General 194-195, 309-317 (2000).
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