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Department of Chemical Engineering


Spring 2014 ChE Advisement Survey

Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

Within six years of graduation, our graduates are expected to achieve one or more of the following milestones:
  1. Advance professionally in the chemical process industries or in their chosen career field.
  2. Earn advanced degrees in chemical engineering ( or a related technical discipline ), medicine, law, or business.
  3. Attain leadership positions in today's rapidly changing, increasingly technological, global society.

Student Outcomes

  1. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, chemistry, and engineering in chemical engineering practice.
  2. Understanding of chemical engineering science fundamentals.
  3. Ability to design a chemical engineering system, unit, or chemical process to meet desired needs.
  4. Ability to design and conduct laboratory experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data using factorial design methods.
  5. Ability to use chemical process simulators and other techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for chemical engineering practice.
  6. Ability to present technical material through oral presentations with visual aids.
  7. Ability to present technical material including analysis and conclusions through technical reports.
  8. Ability to work in multi-functional teams.
  9. Ability to find information and to learn independently.
  10. Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  11. Awareness of economic, political, and social issues.
  12. Ability to comprehend the topics and ideas of familiar subjects in a foreign language.

ECHE Advisement Interviews ( Spring 2014 )

Preparing for Your Advisement Interview

Complete the Professional Development Plan form and be prepared to discuss your answers with your advisor during your advisement appointment.

Download PDPform.pdf or PDPform.doc

Review the Advisement Packet to familiarize yourself with opportunities for academic program enhancement ( concentrations, minors, BS/Masters ) and beyond-the-classroom experiences ( co-op, research, study abroad ).

For students* admitted beginning in Fall 2012 download:
      ECHE Advisement Packet ( Fall 2012 & later )

For students admitted before Fall 2012 download:
      ECHE Advisement Packet ( Pre Fall 2012 )

* Freshmen admitted to USC-Columbia in Fall 2012 or later. Transfer students admitted to USC - Columbia coming from colleges outside the USC system

Print a copy of your current résumé and bring it ( with the completed PDP form ) to your Advisement Interview.

Print and mark up a copy of the Chemical Engineering Curriculum Flowchart, indicating courses completed, in progress, and planned for at least the next two semesters; bring it to your Advisement Interview.

For students* admitted beginning in Fall 2012 download:

For students admitted before Fall 2012 download:

Liberal Arts and Fine Arts Requirements

For students admitted beginning in Fall 2012

All students admitted beginning in the Fall 2012 term are expected to fulfill the University's general education requirements, known as the Carolina Core.

Overview of the Carolina Core requirements can be downloaded:

Current list of approved Carolina Core courses:
      Carolina Core Courses

Refer the ECHE Curriculum Flowsheet or the ECHE Curriculum Guidesheet ( see Advisement Packet ) for detailed information on how the Carolina Core requirements are integrated with chemical engineering degree requirements.

The Department currently requires eight liberal arts and fine arts courses for the B.S.E. degree in Chemical Engineering: ENGL 101 and ENGL 102 and six additional liberal arts and fine arts courses ( see below )

The Carolina Core requirements should be met by these courses ( as well as math and chemistry courses ) as indicated in the ECHE Curriculum Flowsheet or the ECHE Curriculum Guidesheet ( see Advisement Packet ).

New for Spring 2014; see the updated packet for Liberal Arts requirements.