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Message from the Chairman

Cun Wen placeholder Dr. Branko N. Popov awarded Breakthrough Leadership in Research Award

Professor Branko Popov was awarded a Breakthrough Leadership in Research Award by the Office of the Vice President for Research for his outstanding work on advanced electrochemical power sources (e.g., batteries, fuel cells, electrochemical capacitors). The article can be viewed here.

Cun Wen placeholder SAGE Begins Crowd Funding

The Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity
( SAGE ), a SmartState Center developed by the Department and the College of Engineering and Computing is appealing to the public by utilizing crowd funding via Experiment Com ◹ to accomplish some fund raising and involving the community through participation and visibility. SAGE is at the forefront of biofuel production research under the leadership of Drs. Jochen Lauterbach and Cun Wen.

Odell Glenn placeholder Education of a Teacher featuring Odell Glenn

Odell, Jr. of Chemical Engineering is a non-traditional later life PhD candidate. Odell is featured in a @UofSC article entitled "Education of a Teacher."

Professor Popov placeholder Dr. Branko N. Popov on national list of most highly cited researchers

Professor Dr. Branko Popov was listed by Thomson Reuterson as one of the most highly cited researchers In the nation from 2002 and 2014.

Yuliana Lugo placeholder Yuliana Lugo chosen to participate in the DOW BEST Symposium

Yuliana Lugo, PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering and working for Professor Chris Williams, has been chosen to participate in the DOW BEST ( Building Engineering & Science Talent ) symposium ( more info on DOW BEST ◹ ).

Professor Hattrick-Simpers placeholder Dr. Jason Hattrick-Simpers involved with prestigious national report

Professor Jason ( Jae ) Hattrick-Simpers was a member of national committee that organized a workshop and produced a white paper on the Materials Genome Initiative ( MGI ). The MGI was announced by President Obama in 2011 and aims to support US institutions to discover, develop, and deploy advanced materials twice as fast, at reduced cost. The full report from the workshop will be released in August.

Professor Matthews placeholder Dr. Michael A. Matthews Receives Patent

Professor Michael A. Matthews is part of a research team that received two patents for a new method to rid carpets, mattresses and other furniture of harmful allergens and pests that cause asthma. More can be read here

Taylor Garrick placeholder Taylor Garrick receives Honorable Mention for an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Taylor Garrick, a 2013 BS undergraduate in Chemical Engineering from USC, received a 2014 Honorable Mention for an NSF ( National Science Foundation ) Graduate Research Fellowship.

AIChE placeholder USC's AIChE Student Chapter advances to Nationals in the ChemE Car Competition

The student team of Mac Rogers, Christina Papadimitriou, Lauryn Jamison, Sara Davino, Spencer Faltin, and Sara Davino placed first in the poster competition and fourth in car performance to earn a spot in the National AIChE ChemE Car competition in Atlanta in November.

Eric Bringley placeholder Eric Bringley has been named 2014 Barry M. Goldwater Scholar

For the twenty-second consecutive year, USC students have been named Goldwater Scholars. A total of 45 Goldwater Scholarships have been won by USC students since 1990. Eric Bringley is a sophomore in the South Carolina Honors College, pursuing dual degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

Professor Regalbuto placeholder Dr. JR Regalbuto Receives National Catalysis Award

Professor Regalbuto has been selected as the winner of the Excellence in Catalysis Award by the Catalysis Society of Metro New York for his contributions to the catalysis community. Professor Regalbuto also leads USC's Energy Leadership Institute ( ELI ).

Professor Jabbarzadeh placeholder Dr. Ehsan Jabbarzadeh appointed as an NIH Early Career Reviewer

ProfessorEhsan Jabbarzadeh was appointed an Early Career Reviewer for the National Institutes of Health's ( NIH ) Center for Scientific Review ( CSR ).

Sungtak Kim placeholder Michael Mayeda and Sungtak Kim win 2013 Proving Ground entrepreneurship competition

Chemical engineering graduate students Michael Mayeda and Sungtak Kim won the SCRA Technology Ventures Prize for a technology Michael Mayeda  placeholder that converts a variety of transportation fuels into light, portable propane that soldiers and relief workers can easily carry into the field.


Rothberg Scholarships

Awards up to $4,000 per year will be given to qualified undergraduate students.

CO2 Cradle to the Grave

Functional Nanomaterials for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Biomedical Engineering Interdisciplinary Program

B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Degrees supported in part by Chemical Engineering faculty.

Open Positions

College of Engineering and Computing: Endowed Chair in Tissue Engineering - USC Tissue Biofabrication SmartState ™
( ATBSS ).

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