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Department of Chemical Engineering

Located in Columbia, in the center of the state of South Carolina, the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Carolina is at the center of developing research, innovations and new discoveries. The above video features the Department at the Materials Research for Energy Applications Conference 

Latest News

Kayla Pate

Graduate Student Kayla Pate Featured on AIChE Young Professional Site

Graduate student Kayla Pate's research has been focused on the amyloid-β protein involved in Alzheimer's disease. Kayla has identified serveral dietary compounds that are able to inhibit, or, alter the aggregation process of amyloid-β, which is central to Alzheimer's pathogenesis.

Pranav Sharma

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Featured in @UofSC News

Doctoral candidate Pranav Sharma and chemical engineering faculty member Xiao-Dong Zhou are part of a research team that aims to use solar, or, wind power to produce carbon-based fuels and simultaneously reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Professor White

Dr. Ralph White will Receive the ECS Vittorio de Nora Award

Chemical engineering faculty member Ralph White soon will receive the prestigious Vittorio De Nora Award. Last week, the Electrochemical Society (ECS) informed Dr. White that he would be honored for his contributions to electrochemical engineering and technology at the 2016 ECS meeting in Sand Diego.

Professor Heyden

Drs. Heyden, Ammal and Terejanu Receive Grand from National Science Foundation

Professors Heyden, Ammal, and Terejanu received a grant from the National Science Foundation ( NSF ), totaling $840,000 for their project entitled "DMREF: Collaborative Research: Design and Discovery of Multimetallic Heterogeneous Catalysts for a Future Biorefining Industry"

Professor Regalbuto

CReF Researchers to Develop Catalysts

SmartState Center of Catalysis for Renewable Fuels (CReF) was awarded half of a four-year, $4-million grant to develop catalysts to recycle agricultural waste into valuable fuels and chemicals. The program is collaborating with the Center for Environmentally Benign Catalysis at the University of Kansas. Funding comes from the National Science Foundation's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.

Professor Jabbarzadeh

Dr. Ehsan Jabbarzadeh Receives Grant from the National Institute of Health

Professor Jabbarzadeh has received a grant totalling $200,000 from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for his project entitled "Unraveling the Role of Asymmetric Division in Lineage Specification of Stem Cells."

Professor Popov

Dr. Branko Popov Receives the Russell Research Award

The Russell Research Awards are the most prestigious annual prizes for research and scholarship given at the University of South Carolina. Awards are given for innovative research or creative achievement in the form of books, articles, productions, exhibits, compositions or arrangements.

Professor Moss

Dr. Melissa Moss Receives the Ada B. Thomas Outstanding Advisor Award

The Ada B. Thomas Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advisor awards recognize one faculty and one staff member each year who offer quality advising to undergraduate students. Awards are given for concern for students, knowledgeable of academic requirements, alternatives and procedures, and knowing how, when and where to refer students for additional assistance.